Stuart Leviton served for many years as a mediator for the Los Angeles County Superior Court, mediating 75+ cases. Mr. Leviton has served as legal counsel to both plaintiffs and defendants in at least an equal number of cases. Mr. Leviton has the experience and temperament to assist parties in resolving what might seem like otherwise intractable disputes.

More recently, Mr. Leviton has focused specifically on mediating and resolving disputes involving sex discrimination and sexual harassment. Teaming with Robert Weiss, LCSW, CSAT-S, a digital-age intimacy and relationships expert, Messrs. Leviton and Weiss bring a unique approach to mediation – focusing not only on the legal, but also on the cultural and psychological aspects of a dispute. Both the accuser and the accused often want and need to be heard and understood before they can focus on reaching a legal resolution. Mr. Weiss uses his 25+ years of clinical experience to begin to focus parties on critical non-legal barriers to a resolution, and to prepare parties to focus on and achieve a legal resolution. Mr. Leviton then assists with helping the parties fashion an acceptable legal resolution. Working collaboratively to support the parties, Messrs. Leviton and Weiss make an effective team.