LLG actively advises small and mid-size companies, often serving in the role of outside general counsel. For these companies, the majority of their legal needs relate to three primary areas: employment law (managing employees and contractors); real estate law (negotiating the purchase, sell, and/or lease of and thereafter managing a plant, office, or store, as applicable); and contract law (establishing and nurturing relationships with vendors and customers/clients). LLG offers advice and counsel in all three areas.

Many lawyers want to be in the advice business – they want to tell clients what to do. Experience has shown that a more effective approach to counseling clients is to be in the consequences business – help clients ask the right questions, get good answers, evaluate options, and understand the potential consequences of the decisions clients will make.

When selecting a business attorney, the client must be confident not only in the attorney’s substantive knowledge and skills, but also in the attorney’s ability to relate to and connect with the client. LLG has a demonstrated history of effectively understanding clients and their needs, collaborating with them to advance their business objectives, and efficiently rendering services that meets or exceeds client expectations.