In an ideal world, disputes are avoided because expectations are reasonable and attainable and parties either honor their commitments or voluntarily offer to remedy missed commitments and/or expectations. We do not live in an ideal world.

LLG has 25+ years of experience litigating all forms of business disputes, including employment, real estate, and contracts. Managing a client’s expectations and keeping a client informed throughout the process are keys to helping clients attain a “win,” however the client defines it.

When faced with business litigation, whether as the plaintiff or the defendant, ask yourself the following five questions:

  1. What do I want to achieve out of this?
  2. Is what I want to achieve reasonable?
  3. If presented with what I want to achieve, will I recognize it and accept it?
  4. If circumstances change, either factually or legally, can I and will I adapt?
  5. Do I have sufficient confidence and trust in my legal counsel that I feel I can make informed and appropriate decisions?

Fundamentally, business disputes are about money and/or economic value, and most business disputes require a business resolution. LLG has a demonstrated history of assisting clients to get to these two realities. If your motivation is something other than money or economic value, civil litigation will not be effective. And if you cannot or will not engage in rationale economic decisionmaking, almost always at the end of the litigation process, you will be left with a sub-optimal economic and business result. Focus on the money and rational economic decisionmaking, and you will usually achieve an acceptable business outcome.